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VOD Requirements  

Video On Demand (VOD) is an exciting and instant way of watching adult movies online.   In order to have a good VOD experience, the following requirements is highly recommended:

Internet Speed Of At Least 1Mbps Or More The Latest Internet (Web) Browsers - your web surfing program. The Latest Media Players - plays the videos. Download To Own Movies Hints - keep the 'actual' movie file on your PC and play whenever you want.
  • KNOW beforehand where you are going to save the file on your computer.
    For example, create a folder on your desktop and call it 'My VOD Files'

    Many customers call in asking what happened to their download, and this
    is 99% the reason why they can't find it.
  • RIGHT click your mouse over the big download button,  NOT the usual left click.
    Right clicking will open a menu where you choose the action you want - Save file/link as...
  • DO NOT INTERRUPT the download process until its finished.

    If by chance the download was interrupted, you have 24hrs to re-download the movie
    without costing you any VOD minutes.
  • NO MORE THEN 2 AT A TIME.  Trying to download more than 2 movies at a time not
    only will eat up your bandwidth and makes things slower, but can also disrupt your
    downloads (low resources on your computer) and you will need to re-download.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME.  The reason why we offer free promo minutes
    because its a great way to check out movies first before you decide to download them.

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